Reviews for "Crystal Story"

It's my favourite anime RPG game here on newgrounds. Great job!

I'd love to see a movie from this..or a tv series..or something like that..just saying

The loading is broken for me. The bar that says "loading", will appear for 2 seconds, then turn black. The slime in the bottom right isn't there, and it won't load at all, even if I reload the page itself. Can you please try to fix this?

Been playing for about 30 minutes or so and I'm liking whats going on in this fun addictive RPG. Sure its not perfect like disapearing enimies on the overwolrd screen but either way its got a lot going on here so nice work

best rgp ive play so far fun and the art is nice and the story line is great and
acting is lovely and cut and funny :) 5 stars