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Reviews for "Random Fact Generator"

About the snake glitch

It doesn't keep spawning the dot in the same place. It just never lets you pick up the dot. My score just stayed at 360.

Funny that you mentioned voice actress Jen Taylor since she lives in my area. It's incorrect to say "Princess Peach's voice actor" because like most long-lived animated characters Princess Peach does not just have one voice actor. Jen Taylor first voiced Peach in 1999's Mario Golf. She also commonly voices Toad.

I just so happen to be friends with Kenny James who has done Bowser's voice several times.

Really enjoyable

I liked it, mainly because I'm a person who usually knows those kinds of facts, but I only knew a few of the 100.
Almost all the facts were quite funny too. A great way to spend some time when you're bored.

I noticed another glitch though, in the snake game you can pass through your own tail.

Ps: I once got seriously injured by a toilet seat. I suppose that makes me really special, since one in only 6500 got injured by that.


Well I found this to be an interesting little gadget anyways. Pretty fun to waste a few minutes on anyways if you have nothing better to do anyways. Would be nice if you added new facts to it every now and then though to make it more interesting over time I guess.

The background was simplistic and the snake game was quite fun here I think. I only noticed one minor glitch which was after awhile the sound thing in the upper right corner pooped up and never faded away again unless you hovered the mouse over it for a quick moment. Aside from that, not too bad at all.

The music chosen was nice and gets you relaxed as you learn facts you may have never known. I thought oysters could only swap genders once though, had no idea they could change back though. Few of the other things were cool and the Tom Fulp joke fact was also nice.

The medals implemented here were pretty cool albeit they sadly are all worth no points at all. I guess a medal for doing something in the snake game would be cool too. Also had no idea the playstation was original just an add on for the Nintendo 64, I thought they both roughly came out around the same exact time. Cool to know though.

Overall, fun little gadget. Would be nice if the medals were worth points though.


Nice little fact spewer you have here. I learned some interesting things that I'd otherwise never learn since they're completely random. As stated below there were those two bugs but they didn't take away from the gadget itself. Great stuff!

Little buggy

As ZoraMikau said, medales keep coming over and over, but that doesen't interfere with the game and these are some both funny and intresting facts ^^