Reviews for "Die Clown Die"

my first thought was, now that was awesome.

pretty cool death. I have no idea why anyone would be offended by this, so it must be that they don't think it's funny.

and it isn't, really. it's good just because of awesome factor, not humor.

My first review EVER

This is my first review EVER on newgrounds but I am an avid user of the games and of the flashes....The reason why I am taking the time to review this particular video is because the author stated he didn't like the score he receive..... I found your animation and the using pleasing and very smooth. However, I couldn't quite catch the punch-line so to speak: I definitely see the irony in it, but it was necessarily funny. And before you write the write me off as being sensitive towards clowns or something like that, I don't even like clowns...... all in all great job in the creation of your flash, just keep working at the punchline :-)

Pegosho responds:

Cool man! Isn't that I don't like the score, if you scored me low cuz you didn't find it that funny then I really respect that. Comedy is always hit or miss, you can't please everyone. But to know that people got offended by my cartoon then that's something that affects me. I'm not criticizing people that got offended, I'm criticizing myself for thinking this idea might be funny.

But yeah, comedy is not my forte, so think of "Die Clown Die" as a lesson for me to develop better comedy.

Thanks for your honesty man, really appreciate it. :)



hehe it made me laugh xD nice animation!

ITS GREAT!!!! I don't what happens with the people who are offended, they have no sense of humor, I think :/


I really like your style, nice animation :)