Reviews for "Die Clown Die"

I thought it was hilarious

I guess we're pretty jaded here in Newgrounds. You use a well-established sound effect in a place where it fits perfectly and we whine that you're being unoriginal.
Illegitimi non carborundum, buddy, keep bringing the magic.

Nice animation

Hey, you did well. Thank you for sharing your talents with the rest of us.

I agree

Im going easy on you since you made me laugh at the end. But I agree with brometheus and akilidaclown. The wtf explosion was used over and over again in many flashes on youtube and newgrounds. Plus it doesn't make any sense that the girl only flipped him off and kicked him. Also yes it was too short even though those were nice drawings. Do better and maybe youll get a 4.5/5 average score. Because usually i laugh at a lot of things.

not a long-winded review =P

made me lol, i like it, end of


I just want to write a review to offer a clarification; it isn't that people are offended by this, it's that it uses horrible, overused sound effects that have been repeatedly abused over and over in newgrounds flashes since 2005. I mean, seriously, the WTF boom soundclip has been around for around as long as I've had a PC, and the scream even longer.

Beyond that, the animation is decent, but it overall just shoots for a paper thin plot about a bunch of sadistic kids who kill a clown. I get that it's for that Fulp announcement, but still, it is paper thin.

Pegosho responds:

Exactly, that was my first assumption. If people hated it because of that, then I'm all cool. Thanks for the clarification brometheus.