Reviews for "Die Clown Die"

could've used better sound effects...

it was okay. didn't really laugh, though. the animation was clean at least. but the sound effects used are kinda already over-played as it is.

Those kids...

Aren't they from LoZ: Wind Waker?
The clown sorta reminds me of the advisor from sim city except not as educated :D

Here's the rundown

1 point for great looking smooth animation
1 point for the funny and original artwork
1 point for the perfectly suited music
1 point for the goofy laugh track
1 point for a kid giving the finger to a clown
1 point for the classic slip on a toy car
1 point for the finish going out of this world
1 point for the appearance of God
1 point for the misleading title art
and finally...
1 point for the Wilhelm scream
...which means a PERFECT 10!


Like oold goood HTF


Smooth animation indeed, and the music's just right. I feel sorry for the clown though :(