Reviews for "Die Clown Die"


I'm just glad this turned out much better than I thought it would.
(no offense)


Well polished and a nice short video.

Pros: Its good, the animations are great and sync is flawless.

Cons: The sounds. It would be nice if you created your own sounds.

Summary: A short video with a good sense of humor, although the sounds are recycled countless number of times on other videos, its still very good!



since i was afraid of clowns when i was young, i enjoy seeing one explode and die a painfull death :)


I thought it was disturbing. I know you were going for a comical tone, and had a light-hearted soundtrack, but in my mind, that only made the contrast of the music/style and the subject matter all the more unnerving. I mean, three small children essentially drowning a full-grown man is not exactly what I'd call funny. The art was great, and the animation ran smoothly, but yeesh. I think this creeped me out more than the contest winner.

I agree

Clowns dying is always super funnai. Kewdos Pegosho