Reviews for "StarBars: Episode IV"

Cool toys

Dude, I want that Mr. T figure gimme gimme! lol My friend use to have that. 80s/early 90s action figures rule.

best comic strip in Newgrounds

That was pretty good... That reminded me of ToyFare on Wizard magazine but with much more drama and music. Very funny and original. I liked the cameos from people outside of the Star Wars Universe (mr. T, foo)... that was neat. Hope to see more of you work in the future... And please add Mace Windu but with Samuel L. Jackson's Pulp Fiction edge!

her boobs aren't that big

great movie but natalie portmans boobs are either non-existant or just really tiny

hella funny!

it was a good idea to do it wit action figures! i like mr.t as a bouncer, and the thing wit vader and padme.

Freakin hilarious

That was so frickin hilarious... hahahaha