Reviews for "StarBars: Episode IV"

Now here's something I hadn't seen before... :)

This almost made me wish I still had the action figures back from when I was younger... The mixed worlds in there kinda turned out OK, and Jar Jar getting what he deserves for indirectly creating the Empire is a considerable plus...

Oh, to remember the joys of childhood play... :)

Cool Movie

I have a large collection of action figures but I never thought of submitting a game using them.It was origional,so I give you Credit Roberto.It Had Some funny moments and some stupid ones.


I'm not sure as to what to say about this, it is profoundly stupid in a good way, but the lack of animation sucks in a bad way.....

Nice but I have a question.

You already know you did a great job but can I ask how you managed to get a female storm troopeR?


Where the hell do you get all these toys from?