Reviews for "StarBars: Episode IV"


The idea to have action figures in a flash and create a story about it (a long one at that) was pretty cool especially it not having just Star Wars characters but others as well (Mr.T ^_^),nice job.


i do the same thing except me and my friend make movies with the action figures. this was awesome and funny


dude that was sweet! i loved the vader scene. whered u get all those action figures and how did u get the amidala doll naked? did u put silly putty on her and drew on it? and the female trooper. did u stick a helmet on another doll or did u make it urself? man, i ges some questions shouldnt be answered. make a sequel with halo 2 figures in it! PLEASE?


This was brilliant well done on all of it and i must say nice toy collection u ave & u shud make a series but i ave 2 ask were did u get the female trooper i cant find one!!!!!!!!!!!! please please please continue the series and thanks 4 the chuckle

that is so cool

i think you should make the second one soon very funny