Reviews for "9/11 Tower Jumper"


I don't become any medals...but it's a good game

Because of the problem I don't become any medals I give it 8 stars ;)

Kevin responds:

One does not simply become a medal.

It's fun

I guess it's fun. I'm sure it's beatable and there's probably a strategy. I don't have the patience to work it out or whatever. The fact that I'm shit at the game and don't have the motivation to improve is no reason to give the game a negative review or a low score. At the end of the day, it gets the job done. I'm sure this game will continue to offend various sensitive souls, but whatever. Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

Kevin responds:

I like you.

Oh you sick fuck.

U needz notz mages game stoopid, me bitch u!. ...

honestly a fun, classic Arcade style game, hard as fuck, but kind of acomplishing if you can beat it, and fall to your death, your a sick sick fuck, not for this game, but for the rock, and three diffrent direction going missles. all around, i wasted 20 minutes. was fun.

Kevin responds:

You don't have the winning medal though :(

This game is bad

I am not offended by this game but the game is really bad.
1: The missiles from the right screen is so fast it's impossible to dodge it if it is about to hit you.
2: If you want to make sure the person dies in one hit AT LEAST MAKE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO DODGE.
3: No pause.

Kevin responds:

1) It's too easy without them
2) You just suck
3) It's only a minute and thirty seconds of gameplay


Wrong? Yes

Sick? Yes

Objectionable? Yes

Morally Reprehensible? Yes

A good game? Strangely yes...

It's hard, its incredibly hard! The fact that the game screen is so small, and that some of the objects you have to avoid are so large makes it almost impossible to avoid them. Especially when you have missiles screeching past incredibly fast that you have absolutely no chance in avoiding them.

The game needs to tone its difficulty down slightly, or make the gamescreen larger, since spending most of your time in the centre of the screen to look out for incoming debris means you dont have much of a chance to move when something suddenly comes in from the right or left hand side of the screen.

Kevin responds:


I love hard games.