Reviews for "9/11 Tower Jumper"

Very hard game...

I'm easily irritated by not being able to pass games within the first few tries, so I won't even try on this one. The missiles that come from the side make it impossible to even reach the ground, which you set at 25,000 feet.

It would've been cool to see other jumpers falling down with you, maybe even using them to protect you from the missiles or debris. And power-ups :D

Kevin responds:

I do like these ideas.

And yes, the towers were 25,000 feet.

10,000 short of Everest.


though whats weird is that i signed up on newgrounds on 9/11 last year
not lying check my profile :)

Kevin responds:

I don't believe you, I'm too lazy to check.

Fun game

lol ok must admit that was another fun one of yours with the same style and concept as the other 9/11 the screen size was abit small, but i like this one because you gave it some good {MUSIC/ART} and this one was much more fast paced, still fun and {ADDICTIVE} so props again to you, nice job and i look forward to more funny amusing and 9/11 related games, untill next time great job. and once again i look forward to more of your games.

improving on this one, might make the {SCREEN} larger somewhat, other then that it was ok.

another 9/11 related game fun and addictive


Kevin responds:

Haha I think I'm done with 9/11 games, not a whole lot left to cover, but who knows, maybe next year on 9/10 I'll be like "SHIT MIGHT AS WELL MAKE ONE".

top notch review though, it's all criticism I can take into account for future reference and that's *insanely* hard to come by these days, so I commend you for that.

Maybe you play as the missiles in the next game? M. Night Shamalayan twist right there.

How offensive!

As a 9/11 jumper, I find it offensive to be represented in such a ridiculous way. There weren't NEARLY so many glowing chunks of stone flying up into the air. And the missiles being shot up from the ground were obviously slower ascending than the ones being shot down from the cannons on the roof. And it didn't take me NEARLY so long to hit the ground. Maybe if you did some more research, you'd have less of a magical fantasy land interpretation of what happened that day.

Kevin responds:

I love this review for some reason.

Done before

I would be failing the world if I did not explain that satire is an art form of modernity and individuality. Either you have to get to something first or be able to play it off from a viewpoint or style that no one has done before. You've committed one of the greatest sins of all. You're copying your own style from ten years ago on a topic that everyone and their great grandmother's thirteenth cousin has covered, yourself included. The game adds nothing new to the discussion, and is thus worthless in that respect. Now, on the technical side of things, there is nothing obviously wrong with the game other than the bland, 17-second musical loop, the cheaply degraded background art, the "luck-of-the-draw" style of difficulty settings, and the half-hearted feeling of the project as a whole. Now, anonymous' art (whatever part of this was his original work) was pretty well done, and the game was without bugs (to the extent of my knowledge), but this game lacked the heart and soul of a satire and fell immediately into the realm of bandwagoning.

Kevin responds:

9/11 is a fun subject to poke at.

But yeah, this was made the same day it was released, so it's not like we could have done -too- much with it... Hence all the boring lack-luster gameplay and shitty background art (Done by me, not the artist).

Also let's just say that if the artist's name was on this flash, It would probably have close to 100k views... Considering how big he is on the site, but for obvious reasons, he wanted his name omitted from the work.