Reviews for "9/11 Tower Jumper"


The only fun game i played here in a while. This place has become ShitGrounds now with all the shitty boring games poping out everytime i sign in. Thanks for making something fun dude.

Kevin responds:


good review

Cool game bro

A and D controls. Fun. I think you should've at least more though into this game.

Kevin responds:


Pretty cool !

This is a cool , simple and challenging game . It's fairly silly and to some might be even controversial but it is still overall a playable game !

Kevin responds:


A very simple, but challenging game!

I like this game, because it does take an event that was very controversial, but made it humorous! As for the difficulty, the game is extremely hard, and makes you want to RAGEQUIT, but alot of NES games I played as a child had that same effect as well. So all in all, I love this game, and I probably will give up on beating it!

Kevin responds:


why can't I rate 9/11 stars???

Great Game! I just love it, but seriously why missiles? It would have been more logical to avoid more (different) debris and/or other jumpers instead.

On the other hand... F*CK YEAH! MISSILES!

Kevin responds:

Missiles were there, the government put a cloaking device on them.