Reviews for "9/11 Tower Jumper"


Wrong? Yes

Sick? Yes

Objectionable? Yes

Morally Reprehensible? Yes

A good game? Strangely yes...

It's hard, its incredibly hard! The fact that the game screen is so small, and that some of the objects you have to avoid are so large makes it almost impossible to avoid them. Especially when you have missiles screeching past incredibly fast that you have absolutely no chance in avoiding them.

The game needs to tone its difficulty down slightly, or make the gamescreen larger, since spending most of your time in the centre of the screen to look out for incoming debris means you dont have much of a chance to move when something suddenly comes in from the right or left hand side of the screen.

Kevin responds:


I love hard games.


Lol butthurt people. Good game though.

Kevin responds:


Don't be offended

I think the only reason a lot of people gave this a low score was because they were offended by it. Anyone who's seen a Doug Stanhope special would know that there's worse things than this. The weirdest thing is how there are missiles around. I don't recall there being missiles at the September 11th attacks. Then again, it's probably not supposed to be realistic. I appreciated the fact that someone submitted something on the tenth anniversary.

You would think more people would talk about it. The music and graphics in this game are not that bad. The main problems are that it is mostly just the same obstacles in your way over and over. Admittedly, it does get a bit of a change when it becomes a lot faster as you go down. The medals shouldn't be that easy to figure out.

Kevin responds:

Trust me, if the person who did the art of this wanted to be co-authored... This would have probably a million plus views now.

That's how big he is.

Not even BSing.



The game is a joke?
people died in 9/11

Kevin responds:

Thank you Captain Obvious.

There's a sequence!

It makes you THINK you can't get the game complete medal because of how retarded it plays out, but if you can find the sequence and memorise where everything is...(except for that missile from the side) you can get it.

Kevin responds:

so you vote 0?