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Reviews for "SS - Fuck World Trade"

oh cool

i didn't know this still happened


.................um i dont get it theres no animation

Princess-Laucherella responds:

if you're too fucking stupid to make it past the menu screen, you should put a gun in yyour mouth, but you'll probably fuck that up too LOL :_)


A beautiful piece of artwork that I can watch again and again.

No animation at all

I don't find any other reason this flash was submitted except to mock and make people angry; not in a productive way anyway. From any perspective, I can only see this as plain old "hate" speech, and nothing else.

Awful animation.

Absolute crap. This thing is in awful taste. You are obviously a bunch of haters and trolls, I hate you.
If one hates the haters, does that make him/her a lover?