Reviews for "Ethnography"

the shiznet

yeh, sounds like it could be summin off the sinner lady or summin... b4 the electricness comes in. wow dunno where to start with this so i'll keep it short. haha, i need to practice my saxamaphone, brass is good

sorohanro responds:

thanx man,as you can see,i'm quite obsesed by:hammonds,brass and wah guitars...


Oh man why are you not producing cds with this music?
I wish write music as yours! I love this fusion style, great trumpet lines, very jazzy and what to say about the funky guitar/bass riffs!
If you will ever play in Italy please let me know..
That's obviously a great five, but you probably deserve something else..
Thanks for submitting your music!

sorohanro responds:

what i put here is just for ...?fun i think.i have some of the music produced and i will have more,i hope,but different kind.thanx for kind words