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Reviews for "Final Strike!!"

Hey, welcome back! :'D

I don't have much else to say than that this is great!
I always love to listen to collab pieces, as I find that some of the most interesting ideas are born from those :3
I think the way the guitar (and the drums) goes along with the orchestral instruments is amazing as well.

The loops is very smooth too.
I can definitely hear which ideas might've been who's XD

Mixing is pretty flawless.

Awesome job, both of you!

UltimateCJ64 responds:

Thanks dude, Step and I appreciate it. WIsh he could respond to these, I'm horrible with responding to reviews. ^^' Either way, awesome to hear from people for once on these. :D

Step: PLEASE never go 6 months without posting a song EVER AGAIN! I love the mood and instruments of this one, as well as the dramatic/heroic vibes throughout. It looped flawlessly, and really kept me entertained throughout. It was short, yet had plenty of variation and melodic development. That said, the transition at :54 was rather sudden, although I suppose that is fitting for a videogame. At first, it actually looped a couple times without me even noticing! The replay value on this piece is fantastically high! I love it! :D Keep up the great work, Step. Let's hope I'll never again go into such intense bouts of Step withdrawl as I have over the past 6 months. ;)

UltimateCJ64 responds:

Damn you admins for not completing the project system so that managers can respond to reviews as well! Sorry dude, wish Step could respond. :(

I appreciate the review, man. Yeah, the whole -sudden- transition kinda got me as well, but like you said, appropriate for a game. Plus it adds a little dramatic effect, going into a false sense of security, you see? ;D Also great to hear that it does loop without issue, I'd go nuts if it didn't since I am using it in a little while. XD

I hope I see more from Step as well after this project. :)