Reviews for "Mine Blocks"


In the description it says "Try the download!" but I don't see a download link anywhere. Where is it?

Zanzlanz responds:

Oops, well it's on my website: zanzlanz.com/MineBlocks.php

yo waddup its jdog here


Zanzlanz responds:

Sup jdog?
Steel? That isn't in this game yet.
Iron is generally used instead.

Great but laggy

The over all controls are laggy.They cope too slow.
Eg.I press right and the I decide to go left it goes right for a half a second before turning left.
The mouse controls are laggy.
Any way good work.

suberpatryk (thats my youtube acount) attak1616@gmail.com

Zanzlanz responds:

Yes, I'm working on lag (People seem to hate me for it, haha). 1.19 will have MUCH less lag (If all goes well)

And yes, the controls lag because of it too, sorry!


It's a good game

This game is a pretty fun one, despite all the bugs and lag and I FELL THROUGH THE CORNER BETWEEN TO BLOCKS INTO LAVA

Also, I lost 3 beds trying to place them down. And when it started raining it suddenly went really dark, and my speakers just... fizzled, aka static.

Zanzlanz responds:

Yes I'm planning on redoing character/terrain physics soon. It's one of the major projects.
I haven't yet looked at the bed script, but I did hear it was a bit wrong. I'll take a look and fix it pronto!
Yes the rain... I hear a lot of things about the loudness of rain. There's a problem though; the Heisenberg debugging principle makes it so that I can't duplicate the problem. But I'll try and fix that too!
Thanks for the review, and keep checking for updates!

great game just like minecraft but with minerbugs

the game is !GLOUROUS but minor bugs but its still great oh and you should make it so block only stack if you want to

Zanzlanz responds:

Thank you! You don't HAVE to stack them, just use shift+click.