Reviews for "Mine Blocks"


Zanzlanz responds:


1. will u make mineblocks 2 2.i need help making armored shirts

Zanzlanz responds:

__________________ Mine Blocks 2 __________________
Mine Blocks 2 is currently being created! The development of this will seem to go dramatically slow, unfortunately.

You can do the leather, iron, and diamond ones :)

are you gonna make an enderman in mineblocks 2

Zanzlanz responds:

I'm adding them to 1 but definitely not 2

Great game but theres a bug.... Example: I press d to go right then i stop pressing d butit keeps on going right and I think the buttons are sticky on my keyboard but there not :( so unfortanetly its hard to maneuver my character but im sure Mine Blocks 2 will be less buggy :) Awesome game anyways!

Zanzlanz responds:

That was already stated under known bugs.

played this game sense the inventory glitch that took your items, i hated that lol. I like playing this game but i had to download it cuz my computer crappy and wont let me move/walk around when i play it in a browser. btw another cool suggestion could there b any possible mods to go with mine blocks? like the mini blocks or something lol? Overall rating 5/5 :)

Zanzlanz responds:

Sorry about the inventory glitches. I'm glad you came back to play though :)
Sorry, but you can't simply add mods to a Flash game.
Thanks for the review :3