Reviews for "Mine Blocks"

heyyy very cool!

Zanzlanz responds:

:D Thanks a lot Awesomepants!

(I got the game to work, thanks for the help OP) The game is well structured and has a good 2D artstyle, the gameplay is quite borning though. It looks great and plays well but overall quite dull

Zanzlanz responds:

This is a Flash game. Flash games will no longer be supported in browsers such as Firefox and Chrome after 2020. So browsers are taking preliminary steps to make it tedious to run Flash games. If you would like to play Flash games on Newgrounds, consider using the Newgrounds Player, officially found here:

Then you should totally return to give a proper review and rating lol
Let me know if that helps!

I think I got a glitch with the first world I made, I spawned in the ground and died is this normal or a bug, or just world gen?

Zanzlanz responds:

:O Let me know the seed number of the world and I can take a look! My guess is that you spawned underwater, so it was really dark. Simply hold the jump/up button to swim up.

At some point I really should force the player to spawn on the shoreline in cases like that!

This game was everything after I stopped playing Minecraft for a short time. Was playing it for over 2 years, then decided to get back into minecraft. Thank you for creating such an amazing game, and good luck on current and future projects, Zanz!

Zanzlanz responds:

Hey HydraKiller! Thanks so much for everything c:

It's always really cool to hear that some people who already play Minecraft find enjoyment out of Mine Blocks as well. It reassures me that there's a lot more to it than just a silly copy :)

Haha wow! I remember playing this looong ago. I don't know many who spent as much time and dedication on a project like you. Making an entire terraria clone with a two man team. I wish you all the luck with Mineblocks 2!

Zanzlanz responds:

Yess I started making this as a tiny fan game over 8 years ago, and here I am still doing updates. It's a bit crazy!
But I do it because I love it, and certainly have the luck of a community supporting me along the way. It kind of has the best of both worlds: it's relaxing to work on, and it makes people happy!

And I appreciate the luck on MB2! I would love to get back to working on that after I recreate my projects in Haxe.

Thank you for really nice comment, Sassav! :)