Reviews for "Mine Blocks"

I love this game but i wish that there is a light bulb Thanks for the game zanzlanz!please update it and add more features and items good game really!

Zanzlanz responds:

The lightbulb is really just the redstone lamp! I just changed the graphics and crafting recipe when it was added to Minecraft :D

Thanks a lot, more features to come in the future for sure!!

*Sincerely opinion, don't read this part if you don't wanna bad jokes, eh?
Woah, i played this game when my grandmother was alive! i definitely will play this! (i played this when my mom didn't wanted to buy minecraft to me, then i used this block *lol* for hours and hours!)
*Review (if you don't read this, jump to the pros and cons!)
Mineblocks is a game that have unlimited space to play, but in 2D, where you have the same objective as minecraft, SURVIVE.
When i was 7 years old, i played this game to the end, and killed enderdragon (aww c'mon i nedeed a newgroudns account xD), that experience was so good, then i downloaded the game, and completed it AGAIN, but. . . when i saw MINEBLOCKS2, I was too happy to say, but when i discovered that it was an april joke, i losed every happy moment that i've got in the game. . . i fell so sad about that joke. . .
But who will get sad with a joke? bro, this game have a brilliant mission, and have (a not so good) system of doing houses, but i liked it. . . since that is minecraft, its perfect xD. . .
*Pros and cons (if you don't read this then you're here for nothing bruh)

--- Gameplay (not to much, but i thinked that gameplay was the same thing as the 2D of the game...)
--- Sounds (Ah, remember me from the past. . . *i don't was going to say the same thing in the past..)
--- Items, Weapons, etc. (Lol, which minecraft don't have a item? xD...)

--- The life of the mobs (they're average for you? nah, sorry, not for me...)
--- How hard is killing the enderdragon (I beated enderdragon within 9 hours...)
*Sorry for my bad english*

Well, i'll give a 5 because it maked my childhood *if i can name 2011 "childhood*

Zanzlanz responds:

Woah thanks for the awesome review! The nostalgia of games is always the best, and it's cool that you have nostalgia from playing Mine Blocks :3

Also Mine Blocks 2 isn't a joke :D - the multiplayer was the joke at the time, haha (it will still get multiplayer in the future). It's young but definitely still in development.

Anyway, thanks again!!

You built a wall on the border(Trump)
I flew over it with my creative hacking powers(Mexicans)

Game is ok, but its free and thats all that matters :D

Zanzlanz responds:

Hah, thanks, what matters for me is that you have fun :D!
Also I hope you're not comparing me to Trump xD

It works pretty good,but i don't like it...

Zanzlanz responds:

That's understandable! Thanks for checking it out ;)

why does 666 for a seed always turn out to be a great idea? (Try it on the xbox, a village pops up REALLY close to spawn)

Zanzlanz responds:

You just reminded me of one of the bests seed in beta Minecraft: Glacier! <3