Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"


it was an interesting game but... kinda small... and not really super... the main character was getting on my nerves by the end but maybe thats just me. The 1st cupcakes reference could have been funny if it wasnt obvious it was going to happen but when it kept on getting brought up it really started to annoy me... cupcakes is overhyped....

Short, Easy, obviously meant for fans...

...which I am not

But come on people, the dragon is not hard I beat it first try and only got hit twice

all you do is hold up till he shoots, then down, repeat... you'll dodge every shot and land quite many as well

I got the Blank flank ending.... I NEVER AM GOING TO BE ABLE TO SLEEP AGAIN!!!!

Eh the story was so-so and although you did little actual animating or drawing you used the sprites you got from wherever pretty well to make it seem like a more visually stimulating game, that dragon fight was incredibly simple yet slightly intense near the end, however the game wasn't good enough for me to want to go back and get the other endings, all in all not a great game, but not terrible.


"Just give all the ponies their invitation already. The answer will be revealed then. Or give the applebuck season muffin to Derpy."
I wonder how many other people found out what Rarity snuck in-between her dialogue boxes.

Jay6 responds:

The dragon battle is only for one of the ending paths. Muffin ending is the simplest to get. The other ending (blank flank) is usually what everyone plays for to scare the shit out of themselves, but it takes a bit of time to get that.

Oh jeez, that was worse than I thought it was gonna be... game, y u do dis to me? D: I swear, that "blank flank" ending was about as bad as Story of the Blanks. Didn't think it'd be that bad, when I read it was creepy... Prolly not too bad, all in all, but... not the kinda thing you wanna see late at night, yeah? Huge curve ball.