Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"

Tedious, but worth my time.

if you want players to replay, you oughta make the game more complex. Each replay should be filled with stuff I haven't done before. Whether that's because I couldn't have done it as I pursued a certain ending or because I got multiple endings in one play through. Certainly, I shouldn't be forced to sit through credits, the start screen and the intro just to replay. A guiding rule for games: I should never have to replay what I already did correctly.

The gathering quests felt too slow and the baking one caught me off guard but the air fight was fun. All in all I was satisfied with my play through but i wouldn't replay for the other endings.

I was compelled to score lowly since the game felt unfinished but for the amount of time I spent playing it, I had fun so... 7/10.

I dont like this trend at all...

... I'm tired of grownups pretending to be a pink pony being mainstream right now ... But the game is nice thought, you can tell it has a lot of work in it right away. Good work

Jay6 responds:

I don't really know what to tell you really, but MLP:FiM is a series that is inspiring and motivating to a lot of people (myself included). Although it's a kids cartoon, it's actually a really good one. It brings me back to the 90's when we had Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs. It's nice to see a revival of kids cartoons, thanks to Lauren Faust. That's just my 2 cents.

i've got the blank flank ending, and this just scares me! "is this a game for kids?!" is the firs thing i told, but this ISN'T a game for kids!

did any one get the story of the blanks ending? O________o

Can someone tell me how to get the Creepypasta Ending? i got all 2 endings and i wanna get the last one.