Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"

the blank flank ending....................
so yea who needs sleep anyway

Well, I ended up getting the Muffin Ending, The Super Filly ending, and then... The Blank-Flank ending. Oh dear Celestia, that was... different, for lack of a better word. Getting that at 3:45 AM wasn't very fun eiher. You should definitely make a sequel to this! You could even make a Halloween spin-off based on one of then endings (Take a guess which one.)

Pretty pretty good game! I enjoyed it a lot, a bit more than "Story of the Blanks" from Donitz. The blank flank ending is a bit... sadic, isn't it? xD I'll show this game to my friends!

Five stars for you! (Sorry if I wrote something wrong, I'm from Spain and I have to practice more the english)

What's Rarity's secret!? Someone help me!!! >.< Great game btw ^.^