Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"

You... FIEND!

gah, well I'm glad... kinda that I was able to work that ending out on my own, you are a terrible terrible person j/k I just wish there was more to do, that is my only complaint, but it was short and cute, etc..., well back to godslaying I go, godslaying while listening to 8bit pony music.

Jay6 responds:

I wish I could cram more stuff in for how much time I had to work on this project... lol (And I already knew I was a terrible terrible person for putting THAT in the game)


It was really good! I also got the Blank Flank ending :) Wasn't anything to intense for me, but I'll admit it got my heart pounding as soon I saw zecora,

Help Please!

I got the 'muffin' and 'super filly' endings, but I need help with the 'blank flank' ending. Tell me if I got this right:

1-Change time to after 11:00.
2-Talk to everyone until the start saying the same thing (including animals).
3-Make good muffin.
4-Give muffin to Derpy.
5-Go all the way to the right.

What did I miss?

P.S. Good game all in all.

Great game! That Dragon was fucking hard to beat! Well, another game completed.... for now? Are you going to make another one?

heres a tip to dodge the dragons attack..go behind..dont go infront of the dragon...press up and down and look carefully at the fireballs..thats how u win..btw hold space while dodging fire balls...
is easy..but short...