Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"


You rock..... woohoo....

Also.... um... if you don't mind.... um..... where did you get the um..... sprite of Derpy..... eating a muffin?

Oh, thank you very much.....



Jay6 responds:

Desktop Ponies. It's all in the derpy folder (I used Fireworks to export the states into images)
You can download Desktop Ponies here: http://desktopponies.co.cc/

Other ending?

Overall, I like this game. I got the muffin ending on my first try and after that I keep getting the super filly ending. From the other reviews, I learned that there's a blank flank ending that seems to be a reference to the famous fanfic "Cupcakes." I tried several combinations of interacting with Derpy, Twilight, Opal, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Gummy, AJ, and Zecora, but I still can't find the ending. Reviews tell me not to search for it, but it only makes me want to get the ending even more. I wish there can be at least some hints that lead to the ending. Could it be related to Rarity's secret? I couldn't read Rarity's secret.

Jay6 responds:

Rarity's secret message only tells you how to get a cutie mark, not how to get the endings (even though getting either cutie mark gets you an ending).

The blank flank ending more or less takes some aspects from Story of the Blanks, and even a bit of Luna Game... and I have my own twist to it. If you seek it out, play through the game around midnight hours... ya know, so that you can have nightmares tonight. :3




Got the "Blank Flank" ending. Had to turn my screen's light up to see what was going on, but it was really good and entertaining.

I got the muffin and the regular endings but NOT the blank flank ending. I've tried EVERYTHING, but no success. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!!?? DB