Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"


It's the best My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic game in Newgrounds!



You rock..... woohoo....

Also.... um... if you don't mind.... um..... where did you get the um..... sprite of Derpy..... eating a muffin?

Oh, thank you very much.....



Jay6 responds:

Desktop Ponies. It's all in the derpy folder (I used Fireworks to export the states into images)
You can download Desktop Ponies here: http://desktopponies.co.cc/

Muffin ending~

xD loved it. needs more to do though, and the dragon was repetitive. make a part 2?
oh and could you tell us how many endings there are?


Okay, hands down, funnest MLP:FIM game ever made. Thus causing one of the longest reviews I've ever done.

Sprite Animation 10/10: No need to say a word. It's amazing, it's fluent and... just...
Well this is embarassing. I can't seem to find a word to properly describe this. Oh well...

Story 8/10: Not really much. It's not really godawful, but it's not very good, either. I find it quite ironic though that you took stuff from RPG's like Secret Of Mana when those games had very complex and in-depth storys. Either way, it's okay.

Music choice and remixes 9/10: Really good. The reason I mix Choice and Remix together is because it has music from actual games and 16-Bit remixes from the show. The only reason it's not a 10 rating though is because of how abrupt the music change was. You go from good 'ol tracks from MLP playing and then all of a sudden, all this epic music is playing and you're about to fight a giant, ferocious
dragon whilst completely forgetting that about 5 minutes ago you were sending invitations to Pinkie Pie's party.

Overall 10/10: Great game. Not really much more to say.

Suggestions: Please add more characters. A cool feature to add would be swiching characters. Mainly, it would be cool if you had a few quest that each pony would do along with Jade. I like the invitation quest, but still man, if you wanna make a good game, add some more stuff to make the game feel less hollow.

Well, that's it for my review. I hope you like it and hopefully make up for the very little mistakes you made next time you make something like this.

Jay6 responds:

Thanks for your input! This was basically my first huge flash game project I've worked on. To be honest, I ran out of ideas when it came to the dragon battle. @_@

I guess the only thing my game has going for itself is that it has multiple endings... I thought I'd give something like that a try. If I ever consider another one of these projects in the future, I'll consider some of these suggestions... Then again, I have no idea if I will make another MLP game. lol

Wish there was more there

Even though I really don't understand all the Pony buttlove, I liked this.
Always like multiple endings.
I like the visual style.
The story was a bit lacking. Needed to be fleshed out a little more.

Right now you have a nice little game.
If you end up adding more substance to it, you could have a great little Adventure/RPG on your hands.