Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"

Great game! That Dragon was fucking hard to beat! Well, another game completed.... for now? Are you going to make another one?

Great creation all around but my favorite is the secret Blank Flank ending.

Poor Luna and Jade....

Wonderful game and amazing ending song

For Cutekit:

To get the creepypasta/screamer ending play the game between 11 pm to 6 am (or put the computers time in between these times) and why these times? the creator puposely made this ending for mature people and im 10 years old and still got the ending.It was intended to keep the kids who play this safe from the horrors of he screamer.Now once you done that make a "good cupcake" for Derpy and then go to the forest talk to Zecora after that her eyes will become zalgofied-ish whatever after that youll talk to Luna then youll see creatures in the dark.After a while Twilight will find you and he game ends with a screamer

omg i crapped my pants at the jumpscare