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Reviews for "Diamond Hollow"

Fun and frenzy at its best.

Uno de los juegos flash más divertidos y frenéticos que he tenido el placer de jugar.

Es una pena que no se puedan guardar los logros de ninguna manera...

¡Fantástica música! ;)

A very nice little game, and quite different too! It's simplicity is combined with increasing difficulty to give a game requiring both skill, patience, and most of all; Addictiveness :') Well done!

For anyone complaining about the dash, you have to press Q to dash left. Kinda wish the game told you that, but otherwise a solid 4.5/5.

New game, old concept.

Meh. I like the game. It has a decent upgrade system and excellent fastpaced gameplay, which keeps people entertained for a long time. I like the music as well, which helps the game to affect you mentally while your playing, making it a little more challenging. Also, clever Zork reference at the beginning.

It's a very amazing old-school game in my opinion, it's fast, and I can't handle that very well, I managed to get all the upgrades, but still fail to beat my own max height of 1369m. However, I'd like to point out that red shots fired at you WILL still do damage AND knock you back during your invulnerability phase (but not slimes.) It'd be nice if you could fix that. I won't play your second one until I've beaten this one, as I lie to play games in succession. I don't think I will for quite some time though.