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Reviews for "Diamond Hollow"

One tiny problem...

Great job first of all! I loved this one, and i love the second one! This is an extremely well executed platformer survivor, and you did it all in 48 hours! The one problem i was talking about, is that the dash only goes right. Good job nonetheless!


Game is Awesome, cool design and easy but great gameplay.
The only thing I missed were expensive specialweapons like spread shooting, exploding bullets and reflecting bulltes.

Love the music

the game was cool too.

i suck at these, so for my request, WHICH WAY DO I GO!!!! arrows would be nice.

but besides that, cool spin on an overused game type.

good stuff

simple concept, collectable achievements, upgrades, the three ingredients for an addictive game. good job.

48 hours? Excellent!

I'll be honest, this is a really fun game! The graphics are simple, but pleasant and not painful to watch. The music is a good choice as well. I'm surprised that the seemingly randomly created platforms and enemies are well-positioned. The gameplay isn't entirely original, but it it definitely well-executed, upgrades and all. really surprising that you did this in 48 hours. Great work, fellow Newgorunder!