Reviews for "Gluey 2"


This is soo cute I mean the way the glueys and such are made and I completely adore that style of yours ^_^ Keep up doing good flash games like that!

Gameplay:4/5(but I count it as 5 due to cuteness :3) easy to learn mostly simple and challenging enough.

Cuteness:13/5 ^_^

Aesthetics: 4.5/5(but I count it as 5 due to cuteness :3)Nice background and overall confortable!

Anyway it was a really nice flash and I cannot wait to see more work from you.

fizzgear responds:

Thanks for the detailed analysis! Will definetely keep those points in mind for my next game in development. ;)

Nice ^_^

Pretty cool and fun game!)

fizzgear responds:

Thanks! :)


Cool game would like it more if it was longer but still very good

fizzgear responds:

Thanks! Will probably target for 25 levels in my next game then. :)

Very fun

This is a great game to play - well done. Simple to learn but I can see where one might have to think a bit to master it and create a super high score.

fizzgear responds:

Thanks! This is quite inspiring!

Really nice :)

This game is colorful and brightened my day !

The music and the graphics is really nice and cheerful, fits the game perfectly.

The gameplay is nice and makes the game addictive as soon as you start playing.

Can't give less than 10 stars, it's really fantastic ! Congratulations !

fizzgear responds:

Thanks! :) We enjoyed making it!