Reviews for "Gluey 2"


By far one of the best games I've played on Newgrounds.

The music, the sounds, the art, all of it is fantastic!


fizzgear responds:

Thanks - I'm glad you've enjoyed it!



fizzgear responds:


A little on the hard side

Umm, all and all it was good. I enjoyed the way the gooey's looked, and the game was definateley worth playing. I like how challenging it can be when you're about to get a huge blob, and end up with one without any eyes! I got myself VERY frustrated at times, and sometimes wanted to just hug my laptop at the cuteness of the blobs. I'm so glad you finally made a sequal, i've been waiting, (according to you) 1.5 years. But whatever, the unlockable modes, (not gonna say what they are and spoil it) are alot of fun, and i loved this game. 10/10 and keep up the awesome work.

fizzgear responds:

Thanks - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

to hard

there is no actual time to use a stratergy because it goes down too fast. i cant get past lv 2

fizzgear responds:

Hey - I think I know what happened. Blobs are falling only after you click them. If you slow down and start to strategically form huge chunks of blobs (and then click them), it should work! If you just click very very fast, blobs will keep flowing.


I got so engrossed in this game, I forgot my appointment. Thanks a lot!

fizzgear responds:

Always at your service, sir! :D