Reviews for "Gluey 2"

18 is hard

i canno't beat level 18

Better than Gluey 1 at least

Sometimes you just want some mindless, colorful, gravity-actioned busywork game but still with a bit of strategy. This is that game. There wern't that many new features so it was just a remake with different puzzles. Was sort of expecting more considering how long this took to come out. Simply making 20 new levels should not have taken that long. Anyway, enoyable non the less simply for the gravity "goey" effect, which I still think is pretty damn cool to watch; like a lava lamp on crack. My Score: 27501

...so in love

with this game!!!! After the first Gluey I've been hooked. I love the twists in this game. Definitely a top favorite! XD It's so addicting! I would give it more than 10 stars if I could!


don't normally prefer them, shooters are more my cup of tea.
but I loved this game! great job

fizzgear responds:

Great - thanks for nice feedback! :D


Nice sequel: more dynamic and playable ^)

fizzgear responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked our experiments!