Reviews for "Tsukikanade"

Awesome stuff! I needs a bit of work in the mix but the vocals are beautiful and the piece is mystifying. Great work!

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks, glad you like it. Any specific pointers on mixing would be much appreciated!

This is amazing! :D I love the instruments and mood. It's soothing, yet energetic in a way. I especially enjoyed the flute solo at 1:04 and the toy-piano-sounding instrument that came in at :17. Your voice is beautiful, btw. :) You did a great job of capturing the mystery and charm of the moon as well as Japan. It loops flawlessly. Excellent work! ;)

~Your peer, Andrew

This is a neat Loop

I do enjoy loops like this. I Like this loop somehow. I voted 5 for this Loop. I Mostly vote 5 on A lot Of Songs and Loops.

I want to give a good Detail on this Loop.

It Got a Moon theme to it Even its Other - World type of Loop. A Few People have landed on the Moon. It is so Excited times for the People that did made a Trip to the Beautiful Moon.

The Night is when the Moon Shines. The theme is Pretty for this Loop.

It is Really a Magical Loop. Full of Magic I enjoy The Magical Theme that the Loop has.

It is Mystical too. I like the theme for the loop Too. it is touching for the loop.

Over The Loop is awesome. It is enjoyable too.
Keep up the Awesome Work

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks -- glad you like it!

nice job! i dont really have any negative criticism, i love it n__n i love the synth sounds, keeps a happy mood on the tune, great job dude.
i also make music n__n;
- Pandasticality

I like this tipes of music