Reviews for "Tsukikanade"

This is really nice. You are very talented! I get a sense of Enya mixed with the soundtrack to beautiful mind from this song,

Troisnyx responds:

Eh, thanks ^_^ I did try to be Enya-ish, but I didn't think of layering that many voices in the end. Glad you like it.

I like this tipes of music

Everything about this song is near perfect but there is one thing, I feel like this song is very empty due to the lack of drums. Even if it was just a kick drum every so often.

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks -- perchance a bodhrán beat might add to the atmosphere. I'm trying to visualise it in my head, and I'll admit that it's growing on me a little bit.

nice job! i dont really have any negative criticism, i love it n__n i love the synth sounds, keeps a happy mood on the tune, great job dude.
i also make music n__n;
- Pandasticality

I put this on and listened as I replied to emails and such and actually forgot this was a loop. It flows so nicely!! I'm looking forward to actually testing out johnfn's mixing tips myself.

It's a shame that you lost everything but at least you put a lot of stuff on Newgrounds that you can download, even if the quality is not lossless.

I love this, good job!