Reviews for "Tsukikanade"

Wonderful little loop! Krichotomy actually outlined all of little criticisms I had for the piece, such as the blip at the end of the loop and the need for the tambourine to a little more subtle, but I'm not so sure about the overcompression. Not very good at spotting that stuff out myself unless it's blatantly obvious the artist went overboard with it.

I guess it's all about keeping a nice level of dynamic range in the mix. The bit with the layered vocals has a bunch of instruments playing short notes, which is giving off a slightly chaotic feeling. Usually when I think of overcompression though, I think of the volume constantly hovering between -1 to 0 dbs and everything being brickwalled into the center.

Ah well, never said I was an expert in this stuff! All I know is is that it sounds awesome, but just needs a few minor tweaks. Sorry I can't be more in depth on dynamic range. I only know the very basics, and I understand it's a very intricate subject.

It's incredible! Mind blowing song :D I loved it :D

Troisnyx responds:

Thank you!

What language are you singing in? (Other than the la la la la XD) This is a beautiful composition. Great singing. The piano work is masterful. The flute is amazing. The effects that sound like an ocarina crying work very well.

I'll be honest in saying that the bright percussive melodic instrument (kinda like a xylophone or marimba) is throwing me off. That may just be personal. Also, the shaker thing could stand to be less bright and up-front. These two instruments are very bright, while all the others are actually the opposite, including the vocal recording.

Unfortunately this track seems to suffer from overcompression, distorting everything whenever there is a lot of volume fluctuation (01:20-01:43).

Also, the loop point pops.

So, I do have some complaints, but, regardless, I could listen to this track over and over. :D

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks for listening and being honest -- the nitpicking will be necessary for a time very near in the future, I assure you!

So in response...

1) It wasn't really a language; I was intending the vocals to feature a little bit of Sauveterrané but it didn't work, so it's just vocal sounds now.

2) The effect of the "ocarina crying" is actually a whale's cry :P Though I wonder if ocarinas could be played like that; that'd be awesome.

3) The shaker is a tambourine. I agree about it and the mallets being very bright, and somehow I didn't match it up to the mellowness of the rest of the piece.

4) A little help with the overcompression bit, please... this tends to be a recurring problem in a lot of my recent works. I'm often not quite sure what to do. Pointers will be much appreciated.

5) On the loop point: mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. A few people have told me that Audacity does a bit of a pop lasting a split second or so when we export a file from WAV to MP3. I previously had a bug on FL 11 where, if I did my usual sample-bouncing trick, it would just... render wrongly. I then decided to load up the full project file, soundfonts and everything, throw the voices in there, and then export as WAV, run it on Audacity to see if it rendered alright, and if the looping was okay. So... yes, I ought to have circumvented that little blip in the loop point somehow. I might do a bit of a reupload, exporting directly from FL instead, now that I know this works.

Thanks again -- and glad you enjoy the piece. ^_^