Reviews for "Tsukikanade"

Composition is awesome. Melodies are great. But the mix needs serious help, so let's talk about that!

=== MIXING 101 ===

Two big things:

* Internalize the following fact: 90% of mixing is getting volume levels to be right. There's no secret formula or magic technique - get the volume levels to be right and you're nearly done.

* Slots - You should consider your music as if it has a couple of slots: bass, midbass, midrange (melody/singing), pads, and high range. If you put one instrument in each slot, the song will sound totally full. But DON'T put more than one instrument in the same slot (unless you pan), because they will compete and mess with your song.

Alright, now for a step by step guide:

1. Go to the mixer in FL studio, go to the master channel, and remove any limiters you have. ALWAYS do this, until you get to the point where you consistently know what you're doing. They just make it harder to diagnose mixing issues.
2. Go to the loudest part in your song (1:20, I'd say). Make sure you're not in the red. If you are, turn down your volume levels until you aren't any more.
3. Turn down the master fader (the volume control that controls how loud the entire song is) until you can only hear a single instrument. That's your loudest instrument! Are you sure you want it to be your loudest instrument? If not, turn it down and turn up what should be the loudest (probably vocals in this song).
4. Turn up the volume to the point where you can hear every instrument, but just barely. It should still be very quiet. Now, set the volume levels for the whole song. Believe it or not, us humans make better mixing choices when music is really quiet. Why this is true is a long discussion, but this simple help will really help out.

Alright, I hope that helps. I'd encourage you to remix this song, it's good practice :) PM me if you have any specific questions.

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks for the pointers..... I would remix this song, save that I've lost it and the stems forever.

This is a neat Loop

I do enjoy loops like this. I Like this loop somehow. I voted 5 for this Loop. I Mostly vote 5 on A lot Of Songs and Loops.

I want to give a good Detail on this Loop.

It Got a Moon theme to it Even its Other - World type of Loop. A Few People have landed on the Moon. It is so Excited times for the People that did made a Trip to the Beautiful Moon.

The Night is when the Moon Shines. The theme is Pretty for this Loop.

It is Really a Magical Loop. Full of Magic I enjoy The Magical Theme that the Loop has.

It is Mystical too. I like the theme for the loop Too. it is touching for the loop.

Over The Loop is awesome. It is enjoyable too.
Keep up the Awesome Work

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks -- glad you like it!

Very nice sounding and inspiring voice and melodies, but the track suffers from overcompression/pumping effects on the technical side.

I'd try to keep the mix maximum volume peaks at at least -6dB or something (it's headroom, and it's different from dynamic range) without using a limiter (yet), or adjusting the master fader, only using individual channel volume adjustments, panning, non destructive EQ moves( cut rumbles/ useless frequencies, enhance details with care, cut instead of boosting) and only use gentle compression as last resort.
The built-in presets often kill the sound when applied to anything else than a kick/bass.

From time to time, listen to your track at very low volumes, like very low (less than 10/100), if you can still hear pretty much every detail, then you're good, and you can immediately notice when one instrument is too loud or bass heavy because they will jump at you screaming^^

After that, tasks like maximizing overall volume become very easy.
So easythat if you work with FL's limiter, you could just turn the gain knob, make sure the waveforms peaks do not go over the green line, put the limit to -0.3 dB and call it a day^^
You maximized volume and kept dynamic range, GG!
Of course, it's not THAT simple, sorry, but a good mix will obviously be easier to master.
I'm still learning all of this as well, but those guidelines helped me.
Have fun!

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks a lot for the pointers! I'll do a bit of experimentation with it -- perchance I could share the FLP with you, if you use FL, and see what you'd recommend?

This is amazing! :D I love the instruments and mood. It's soothing, yet energetic in a way. I especially enjoyed the flute solo at 1:04 and the toy-piano-sounding instrument that came in at :17. Your voice is beautiful, btw. :) You did a great job of capturing the mystery and charm of the moon as well as Japan. It loops flawlessly. Excellent work! ;)

~Your peer, Andrew

Awesome stuff! I needs a bit of work in the mix but the vocals are beautiful and the piece is mystifying. Great work!

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks, glad you like it. Any specific pointers on mixing would be much appreciated!