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Reviews for "Minerunner"

That was amazing! I totally forgot about minesweeper! That was very creative! Thank you for making this!


Interesting concept

This is an interesting new concept to play Minesweeper. It's the same game, only here you have to take a different approach for each level.
There are things that you could add to this game, such as music, a shop, or even a high score chart.
Overall, it was a fun game

Super fun game

Glad I like minesweeper cuz this game kicks azz. Why not add some color to the background though?


I started off playing thinking "meh it's gunna be another minesweeper" however this isn't minesweeper, totally different objective, people who are trying to play this as minesweeper are doing it wrong, you're meant to use the minesweeper "scoring" of mines to clear a path from one part to another.
That being said, there is room for improvement; I would suggest making the exit move each level, north west to south east repeatedly doesnt actually work in a labarinth for more than about 3 floors, you could also add in a money system, and the ability to buy lives, or a quick peek at the squares.
Other than that it's a good game wth good potential