Reviews for "Monster Corp"

i like it

tips : when popularity increased 2-3%, raise 1 point price of your ticket, it helps you get (much more) money :D
i like the game play and the monsters, quite addicting.. and the satisfaction when you get a huge monster DNA, generate it, and put it in the hall is a very nice feeling for me :)


You got me up till 1;30 am ... :-/
Well I guess its as good an endorsement as any

LittleGiantWorld responds:

thank you :)


well i read some of those comment below and the one guy that said by 3 hours it was just really frusterting well underneath 1 hour i almost had everything so im not so sure what happened to him ;)

very very good! But an idea crossed my mind, perhaps you can make it to where you can upgrade the hunters next time. just a suggestion.

this is a Farley good game but it also can use some cleaning up with the bugs