Reviews for "Monster Corp"


Very addicting game, it's one of those games where you say your only gonna play for 10 minutes and when you look at your clock again and its been 3 hours later. One question though, in the info for the wyvern it says it doesn't breathe fire but when you watch it in the expo you can see it breathe fire, was that just a glitch and yes i am a nerd about these kinds of things lol overall great game.

Finished in about 3 hours

Finally got all achievements. Pretty addictive game.

Hi everybody

Hi all!

i love this game,that is from future,my favorite age.

I think they pay for laboratory 100000000000000$ for the advanced laboratory for creating mythologic creatures from eggs.

Ex for myth creatures:Sirens,dragons etc.

P.S:Please don't say it is useless. Thank you very much!

very nice

very addictive little game you made here

Nice Game

Pretty nice game!
I like those graphic style.
But way to easy, you should limit the maximum Number of Generated monsters at the same time because you can buy tons of green eggs for 15$, generate kappas and sell them after 7 days for 50$.