Reviews for "Monster Corp"

cant even get shit to load. would realy like to play...

very very good! But an idea crossed my mind, perhaps you can make it to where you can upgrade the hunters next time. just a suggestion.

I love this game. Once you hoard your money, the process of gaining popularity and money becomes easier. I just wish there really was such a zoo as this!! Really great game!

Love this game, played it before but one question? why does it Take like ageeeeeeeeeessssssssssss To load? >< Thats one thing I hate about it! :3 All the Rest is Aweshumes ^.^ <3

lucky bastards

20$ to see mythical monsters... hmmm nah they say. WTF! hell i would go see even 2 for that price. cheap ass. popularity doesnt go up when ppl see mythical beings? BULLSHIT. get to see like 8 of them for only 20$ you spoiled lucky douche.