Reviews for "Monster Corp"

Nice game! Kept me for hours!

There`s a glitch when clicking on a button in "monster info" screen and "market" screen. When I click on a button/line, quiet often the scrollbar jumps to the end.

Maybe you want it that way, but a possibility to change hall-design AFTER building it would be nice (it`s allright if ur intention was to make players try it at least two times ;))
gimme a 4th hall so I can place every specimen in the zoo.

A +10 button for buying food at the market would be nice.

The popularity rating could be more differing. It`s challenging to get it up with one hall, why not keep the challenge up by taking the other halls into calculation. So there would be a need to upgrade them. Now I just build up one hall with everything, and the rest came with the exponations.

Ending movie/screen would be rewarding.

Hope you go on, a sequel would be greatly appreciated.

I didnt really get it, i did all the stuff the guide said to do, but each month i just kept getting less n less munnehz and it was just taking to long for me to do nothing.

if i can play it no stars

Good idea but annoying

crap it wont load..... STUPID GAME I GIVE IT HALF A STAR