Reviews for "Spider Bite"

i loled

No, Spider can't lay eggs in humans. About 70% of them (Spider species) carry their eggs with them until they hatch. the rest use HUGE nest FULL of spider webs and it looks similar to a butterfly cocoon.

Now that the scientific part is taken care of, its time for the video review.

With Halloween coming around next month, the idea of using scary themes or urban legend... Bull's eyes! Who doesnt like to be "scared" around this time? And even though this is kinda clich├ęd, it's the punch line that gets all the attention (and the laughter)
Audio is good, well synch (except one lip movement from the bitten guy right before he start to explain the situation) and clearly audible.
Visual is nothing new, but to each his style. It's not bad, don't worry.
The joke is well thought, i won't lie to you, at first i thought i was going to watch the same video as last year, and the year before and so on. But you surprised me not only with the punch line but also with the overall setup. i'm impressed!

Good work! Keep it coming!

MichaelJ responds:

Thanks for the review! If you turn up the volume a bit you will hear that there are some sighs/gasps, and that lip movement will make more sense. :D


OH DEAD GOD FUNNY AN SCARY AS HELL, can spiders realy lay egs in us ? o.O

Oh sweet Hell!

.. Well.. I will have nightmares tonight :(

great! :D

the whole thing was a bit slow, but the punch line at the end really took it home XD
next time make the people act a bit more natural, not as stiff.

you just got a 5/5, 8/10 :D

MichaelJ responds:

It's supposed to be slow, Scott is supposed to be kind of dumb, and Mark is really nervous around Scott.