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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"


YEAH! The first review! Ok guys, i'm your fan. I love any games that you produced... and this i think.... it's the most spettacular!
I 've loved Plants vs Zombie, and this is a beautiful remake... VERY GOOD JOB! Funny, nice graphics, a brillant gameplay!... I love it! =)))))

genius game

Heh, we never lost fear of the monster under our beds, we just got better in imagining it´s not there but in that one night when you just KNOW it´s there you are afraid as if you were a little child again

great :D

i love it :D its a great tribute to plants vs zombies :D
PS: i totally hated my wardrobe when i was a kid LOL

Xplored responds:

as we clearly resperented... I hated it too... even nowadays sometimes I look at it suspiciously...


is like plants vs zombies only that is with toys and nightmare hehe i like it keep up the good work :D

looks likes plants vs zombies.