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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

Plants Vs Zombies

Besides speeding up earning money, this just seems to copy plants vs zombies too hard.


why does this seem so similar to plants vs zombies?

Xplored responds:

the reason is written above :D


I main problem with it is that it seems to take way too long to receive your Fantasy. Even by rapidly clicking on the books, when I had enough to buy a block man or a robot, I had enemies on three lanes and not able to get defenders out to stop them.

Xplored responds:

It's a strategy game.
Trust me, it's balanced and can be quite easily completed. Try to place 6 books asap (suggested the illustrated book) and to better understand which toy is the best against each monster (or genre of enemy).
You'll beat it even at Nightmare mode, level 14 ;-)

Looks really fun...

I was curious, are there any particular system requirements necessary to play this game? Because every time I try to start it, it goes to the initial cutscene and then freezes on me... I tried on both internet explorer and firefox, and neither worked for me... Hope you can figure out and fix whatever the problem is. Like I said, this LOOKS fun, but I can't say until I can get it to work.


Just a rip off of Plants vs Zombies.