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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"


A decent replica of plants vs zombies except for one thing: the clicking. Making us able to produce more supplies by clicking the books is nice, making it a requisite is another. The only reasons I lose is the enemies making it too close for me to place the proper countermeasure because I had to be focused on clicking the books, or not having enough resources to place the proper weapons. The pacing is too fast for the books to keep up in the later levels. We only have one cursor and cannot click all the books simultaneously, which would seem to be what we need in order to place the three different weapons needed to deal with the exclusivity of the enemy weaknesses. And it's not because I suck at this kind of game, I've beaten every mode and mini-game in plants vs zombies and made it over 40 waves in survival endless. In short, good start, difficulty curve too steep, production mechanic flawed.

Waaat !!?

Sorry, Too hard too quick

Couldn't enjoy it for more that 20 minutes, and that's with generous roundings

No fun any more.

This is too hard.


its not bad but its basically stolen from pop cap

Love It More if Didn't Lag

LAG -2.5