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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

Good concept, but needs a little work

It is a really good concept, and I really liked the whole theme of the game where it's a kid creating various defenders from books he's been read to save himself from the monsters, very good idea. I really enjoyed the fact that if one monster got through then the mom would come in and save the day and clear some of the board, so again the whole idea of the game is really good and well developed. I really find it hard to give this a 7/10 because I really did enjoy the game, but I felt that the game play really suffered at times. I thought all of the attacking units really paid homage to some of the things that freaked us out as kids, and the defending units were really good, so again great job on those aspects.

My only issues with the game were the fact that while there were a lot of different units to defend, there just wasn't enough space, money, or time to accommodate the variety of units needed for each round. I felt that some of the units were only good for a specific kind of attacking unit and that was it, but if I didn't have that unit in my line then I couldn't defend against the monster attacking. Case in point, the vampire. It pops up pretty early in the game, but unless I have a catapult on that line the vampire just flies over everything until it hits a robot, which it kills in 2 attacks. The next one was the ghost, which I couldn't attack at all unless I had a miner on the line, but the miner doesn't kill any other unit but the ghost, it just slows the rest down. Throw into the mix a witch hurling apples at me, a vampire, and a wolf and I'm already 4 deep on units I have to have in order to kill everything on that line (Shooter, catapult, miner, lego wall for those keeping track). I just felt that many of the units were only needed to defend against one unit, which made it difficult do build a good defense on the limited funds.

Like many others have said, I didn't enjoy the fact that you had to click like mad in order to get money. It just took some of the fun out of a quick defending game, and turned it into a clicking nightmare. Once the books are built they should funnel point in, the more books you have the faster the speed, no need for clicking, no need for running your pointer over things to collect points, just simple resource farming, the way it should be.

Again, I really felt this was a great game, and a lot of things worked really well, but the things that didn't really held the game back. With a few tweaks this could be one of the better games I've played on Newgrounds.

Great game, , but needs a tweak to concept

Its a good game, like the author pointed out its inspired by Plants vs Zombies. Its not a new, nor a bad thing to take a great concept and alter the it. Problem is the concept is almost exactly the same as Plant Vs Zombies. I think tweaking it away from plant vs zombies with some changes to the toys and monsters could make the game feel more fresh. Graphics are top notch, game play nice, concept needs a make over.

Nice game but...

too hard to beat in higher levels. Illustrated books generates fantasy so slow. It takes so many fast clicks just so it gets faster yet still slow. Toys are too expensive plus monsters are coming too fast before you could really save up money and buy more toys to defend yourself. Nonetheless, it was good. More like plants vs Zombies

Very fun, super easy, good music.

Night-time mayhem. Can you keep your cool?

Toys Vs Nightmares captures all our bedtime fears from when we were young, and gives us an imaginative and strategic way to battle the creatures that go bump in the night! That being said, lets see just how this experience has been pulled together.

Presentation/Graphics: 7/10

Immediately when the game loads up, you're presented with an eye-pleasing title screen, prompting you to dive straight into the action. The colours are bright, and everything is drawn with a cartoon flair. You wont find yourself being blown away by the graphics, but they are somewhat unique to the author, and have a certain charm about them.
Special effects are unfortunately rather understated. Some toys may crumble apart, or enemies will disappear in puffs of smoke, but its nothing amazing.
All in all, its got a charm about it and is pleasing to the eye, but this clearly isn't a piece of artistic brilliance.
The story behind the game isn't spectacular; you're a kid in bed at night with various monsters advancing on you. You set up base and fend them off using various toys and such. It's by no means the most inspired concept in the world, but it passes with flying colours, simply because we can all relate to it, and it invokes a sense of nostalgia for many.

Gameplay/Control: 8/10

Lets start with the control. It's all simply point and click, which is appropriate, and you'll find you're not often zipping your mouse franticly around the screen, when trying to make your selections under pressure; everything is grouped sufficiently. One thing that you might wish you had is hotkeys. Granted, you aren't constantly in a frenzy trying to make your selections, but I just think it's always nice to be able to jump straight to the item you want at the press of a button.
The game gradually increases its difficulty, by introducing new nightmares with varied skills and attributes. At the same time, you're given new toys to fend them off with, again, each with their own special abilities and stats. I found constantly clicking the storybooks to generate energy for new toys quite tedious, and would have much preferred that you earned your energy from killing the nightmares, however it still isn't a bad way to execute this kind of game; I guess that's just more of a personal preference, but I'm sure some of you will feel the same.
Sometimes I felt that the difficulty made a sudden jump between levels, but it soon evens out after, so it's nothing to worry about, and actually keeps the feeling of challenge alive and present throughout the game.

Sound: 6/10

The music in this game is uninspired. It's typical of its genre, and it's repetitive, so instead of helping to immerse the gamer in the games atmosphere, it becomes more of a drone in the background. Now it's not exactly crucial in this kind of game, but it can be annoying, or disappointing to gamers expecting something more. The sound effects are also minimal, and unimpressive. It doesn't add any satisfaction for taking down a particularly touch nightmare.
That being said, the sound isn't exactly bad either. It's not choppy, or of poor quality, but it isn't going to be giving the audiophiles any orgasms.

Number Of Glitches: 1

I tested all the buttons and features, and as far as I could tell, there was only one glitch: when you bring up the settings screen on the toy select menu between rounds, clicking different settings will also select or buy toys from the menu. Not a huge gaming flaw, but sometimes annoying, especially when you accidentally buy a toy you didn't want yet.

On the whole, it's a fun game that has been delivered in style, with minor drawbacks. Dive under the blankets and load it up!