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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

what a blatent copy

hmm a coridoor defence game, this plays and feels a lot like a certian product made by pop-cap. right down the screen you see before each level with the monsters you will face lined up on the right.

book = sunflower
robot = pea shooter
slimy frog = snow pea
blocks = wall nut
etc. etc

If you are going to blantely copy somebody elses product be prepared for a few things

1) people having a go at you for copying
2) people comparing the quality of your product to the original (yours is inferior by the way)

I did notice a few differences, the mechanic where you click on a book to get resources faster appeared cute, but it got annoying really quickly.

Overall i had fun with this, but i would rather go play Plants vs Zombies.

Alot of problems

mostly the same things as listed below, but am i the only 1 whose game started becoming nonresponsive? If so, you might recommend in the description to have a better computer or something.

deja vu

plants vs zombies ... but still gpood

Not a bad PvZ based TD

Certainly interesting to find a free version of PvZ out there, but at the same time PvZ is just an all around better game. This one gets monotonous, is way too easy, has a complete lack of the mini games spread throughout that made PvZ better, and it just feels lower quality (probably just because it is a flash version of a non-flash game).

Good "tribute" though, but it's hard to justify a better review when we've seen practically the same thing before without any improvement on it and lacking quality. (That's the difference between shooters inspired by Doom or RTS games, the well reviewed ones typically add something new or make it better with at least updated graphics)

PS: WoW is not considered an RTS game, the lore is just based on the RTS Warcraft (3).

its really fine

but its really hard, i mean.. why should we pay soo much for the Illustrated books? it just gets harder. and its a slow game, but a fun one too. i mean, the concept is awesome.