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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

Whats wrong with it?

Why do all you trolls keep saying "...it's just a parody of plants vs zombies blah blah blah n00b!". Who cares if it's similar? I personally like this game :)

this are games we need

a parody of plants vs zombie my all time favorite and thats why im giving a good review

-poker face-


i like the toys in this game. it is an awesome game.

what are the secret for?

The Nightmare Ensues...

I like the inspiration for this game! It's a great game :)

The graphics are good, it runs very smoothly. The story is short and sweet yet, just as memorable. As children, I'm sure we all had night terrors, of some sort, making this a familiar concept yet still foreign. One thing I liked in this was the strategy. You had to think hard because, you didn't know where they were going to come from! The wolf put a quick end to a beginning strategy of slowly lining everything up from back, destroying me early into the game. I think the mom coming in only once is another familiar concept almost all of us have dealt with and puts a nice break on the game. One suggestion though. We all feel safer in the light so, instead of the aggressor disappearing, the light you should wipe the board completely. It simply makes more sense. I like how the types of toys and nightmares are balanced where it's almost impossible to be without a care playing for most, thanks to the difficulty.

This is a very good game and other than that one measly suggestion, is perfect.

hahah same game as zombies vs plants

hahah same game as zombies vs plants