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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

Good concept, but needs a little work

It is a really good concept, and I really liked the whole theme of the game where it's a kid creating various defenders from books he's been read to save himself from the monsters, very good idea. I really enjoyed the fact that if one monster got through then the mom would come in and save the day and clear some of the board, so again the whole idea of the game is really good and well developed. I really find it hard to give this a 7/10 because I really did enjoy the game, but I felt that the game play really suffered at times. I thought all of the attacking units really paid homage to some of the things that freaked us out as kids, and the defending units were really good, so again great job on those aspects.

My only issues with the game were the fact that while there were a lot of different units to defend, there just wasn't enough space, money, or time to accommodate the variety of units needed for each round. I felt that some of the units were only good for a specific kind of attacking unit and that was it, but if I didn't have that unit in my line then I couldn't defend against the monster attacking. Case in point, the vampire. It pops up pretty early in the game, but unless I have a catapult on that line the vampire just flies over everything until it hits a robot, which it kills in 2 attacks. The next one was the ghost, which I couldn't attack at all unless I had a miner on the line, but the miner doesn't kill any other unit but the ghost, it just slows the rest down. Throw into the mix a witch hurling apples at me, a vampire, and a wolf and I'm already 4 deep on units I have to have in order to kill everything on that line (Shooter, catapult, miner, lego wall for those keeping track). I just felt that many of the units were only needed to defend against one unit, which made it difficult do build a good defense on the limited funds.

Like many others have said, I didn't enjoy the fact that you had to click like mad in order to get money. It just took some of the fun out of a quick defending game, and turned it into a clicking nightmare. Once the books are built they should funnel point in, the more books you have the faster the speed, no need for clicking, no need for running your pointer over things to collect points, just simple resource farming, the way it should be.

Again, I really felt this was a great game, and a lot of things worked really well, but the things that didn't really held the game back. With a few tweaks this could be one of the better games I've played on Newgrounds.

Only fun until stage 14/15

Like everyone else who complains here the clicking for the book to generate more energy is a living "pain."

The reason why I say only till stage 14 is because it's nearly impossible when the skeletons take your toys that are worth 300+ when you are trying desperately to stop boogie men.

I always loose at this stage and it plays completely based on luck because of the skeleton.

This is also a game that made me desperate looking for a turbo mouse function because I always desperately need energy.

Xplored responds:

hehehe turbo mouse is good device to use on TvsN, but anyway there's a max speed so do not worry to press so quicly :D
Regarding the last level 14/14, everybody has his preferred toys and personal strategy.
Anyway I tell you mine (proven winning strategy in Nightmare mode too).
8 Slots unlocked:
Illustrated Book, Slime Catapult, Miner, Double Dino, Smart Alien, Kamikaze Bear, Baby Boom, Toy Car (or DollHouse, as you prefer based on your strategy)
Column 1, 6 Illustrated Books
Column 2, 6 Slime Catapults (upgrade to buy)
Column 3, 6 Miners
Column 4, 6 Double Dino (against Skeletons)
Column 8, all Kamikaze bears you can.
If you are able to well balance your fantasy you could be able to place even 2 Smart Alien (positioned in lines 2 and 5 they shoot on all 6 lines!).
Then BabyBoom and Toy car (or DOllhouse) at need.

pretty good

you did a good job with this one. the only problem being that there's some lag with selecting toys to place sometimes when the sceen is very full.


it was kind off good

but is kind of annoyind the music and click and click and click and click

oh and this was copied from plats vs zombies


An interesting take on one of Popcap's game Plant's vs Zombies.