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Reviews for "Toys Vs Nightmares"

Could be better

Not a bad little defence game, good graphics but it could be better. The money seems to recharge fairly slow even with numerous lines and the amount of variation between towers and enemies can become frustrating, it gets too specific. A form of money rollover between levels would be an improvement or maybe a way to make the towers cheaper. Still, I like the game's basic idea and the idea behind it but there is always room for improvement.

I like how you managed to find a toy that practically and effectively mimics everything in PvZ. Like how the blocks replace the walnuts. It's just downright clever. The gameplay is a little on the slow side, though, maybe that's something you can improve on for a sequel.

what a blatent copy

hmm a coridoor defence game, this plays and feels a lot like a certian product made by pop-cap. right down the screen you see before each level with the monsters you will face lined up on the right.

book = sunflower
robot = pea shooter
slimy frog = snow pea
blocks = wall nut
etc. etc

If you are going to blantely copy somebody elses product be prepared for a few things

1) people having a go at you for copying
2) people comparing the quality of your product to the original (yours is inferior by the way)

I did notice a few differences, the mechanic where you click on a book to get resources faster appeared cute, but it got annoying really quickly.

Overall i had fun with this, but i would rather go play Plants vs Zombies.


I'm not voting down for your unabashed tribute. There's actually a fair bit to set it apart. But your game here is pretty difficult, and for the wrong reasons.

The button mashing gimmick is a huge problem. When I'm trying to set up even the most mediocre line of defense, I don't want to be occupied clicking madly to scrape together some currency. And while I'm busy hammering the mouse like a damn fool, they are mowing me down.

There were some other elements of challenge that were good though. The enemies sent after you were well-varied, and none of the towers were too situational. Some didn't pull their weight as much as others though... but balancing isn't easy, I'll give you that. In the end, I can appreciate the challenge you were trying to create.

deja vu

plants vs zombies ... but still gpood